Jayanthy’s Story Of Resilience Enrolled Her Back In School

Published on March 31, 2023

Jayanthy's Story

The last two years of COVID were a nightmare for everyone, but for children from marginalised communities, it was much worse. To help support their families financially during these times, children were forced to work in order to provide for them. A similar fate awaited Jayanthy, a hard-working and dedicated student who had topped her class only to have dropped out to support her family.

Despite her desire to become a nurse, Jayanthy sacrificed her education to care for her father, and the mounting medical bills forced her to work at a dry fruit packing company to earn a few extra money. Fortunately, this wasn't going to be her fate for long.

A story broke out in The New Indian Express about how 'a topper turned into a labourer' and right then Jayanthy's case came to the attention of the Women Development & Child Welfare (WDCW), Telangana.

She was helped by CRY and WDCW to get her certificates released from the institution that had refused to make them available because the fees had not been paid. As for Jayanthy, she secured a spot on a merit list at the college of her choice.

Jayanthy's mother is relieved and happy for her daughter today. She says, "My daughter studies hard, and I would do everything to ensure she continues doing it."

While Jayanthy's story of resilience continues, millions of India's children do not have access to quality education or the right support.

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