Sponsor Education For India’s Children And Help Them Go Back To School

Published on September 27, 2022

Sponsor A Child's Education

During the pandemic, when all the schools were shut underprivileged children suffered the most. After two years of struggle, schools have finally resumed properly. But many children have never returned to school. One of the biggest reasons was that these children dropped out when the schools were shut. Some of them were not able to attend online classes because of no access to digital devices. Others were married off or involved in child labour to ease the financial burden at their homes. The situation worsened for girls. Education for girls in many parts of India is still not a priority.

The gap of two years in structured learning spaces has made it very difficult for children to be interested in studies. It is the need of the hour to sponsor education for children's future. We at CRY are working towards providing important tools and resources to get children in India ready to go back to school.

We are working hard to get sponsorships for children to ensure they do not experience any learning gaps. CRY has also been conducting study sessions to supplement learning with digital devices, providing exposure to useful skills, conducting enrollment initiatives, conducting interactive activities, holding awareness campaigns for parents and providing guidance and career counselling.

It is integral to sponsor the education of girls to help them return to school. By sponsoring a child's education, donors can make a profound difference in a child's life and ensure they have a positive childhood and a productive future. By sponsoring a child's education, CRY UK enables underprivileged children to break barriers and create a brighter future for themselves.

Children in India need your support right now. Sponsor education of children in India and help them fulfill their dreams and achieve their full potential.