Our Approach

CRY UK works with project partners at the grassroots level to create sustainable change for India’s children. 

CRY Approach

Our approach is modelled around bringing change at all levels

With your support, we address children’s critical needs by working with parents, teachers, Anganwadi workers, communities, district and state level governments as well as the children themselves. 

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Changing their behaviours, attitudes & practices towards children

CRY IconCommunity

Mobilising community stakeholders like teachers, Anganwadi workers and village child protection committees to take action for children

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Sensitising society to create an ecosystem where children are a priority

CRY IconGovernment

Partnering with district and state level governments to strengthen systems for children

CRY ChildChildren

Addressing their immediate/critical needs

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Our Projects

We currently have project partners in the states of Jharkhand, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh that work on various child rights issues.

CRY India aids CRY UK in the selection of the projects and also in monitoring and evaluation of the programmes.

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