Help Us Stop Child Labour In India

Published on March 7, 2023

Help us stop child labour in India

Children are the cornerstone of our country, but severe problems like child labour put millions of children in dangerous and unhealthy conditions. The practice violates children's rights and has a detrimental effect on their physical and emotional well-being. It is time for all of us to come together and put an end to this harmful tradition.

According to Census 2011, 33 million children aged 0 to 18 are employed in India. Poverty is one of the main reasons for the persistence of child labour in India. Many families in underserved communities see child labour as a way to make ends meet. Another reason is the lack of awareness about the issue. Many families are not aware that child labour is illegal and that it is harmful to their children. All children must be able to develop to their full potential, but children from disadvantaged groups end up in the vicious cycle of child labour.

At CRY UK, we have been working to ensure all children receive education to give them a chance at a better future. To communicate important information about child labour, our projects routinely involve and sensitise children through awareness events. Our projects have been working towards rescuing children from child labour, child marriage, and child trafficking. Help us end child labour and ensure that marginalised children learn instead of working.

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