Pragnya’s Incredible Journey: From Fields To Dreams

Published on June 22, 2023

Pragnya's Incredible Journey

Pragnya, a 16-year old high spirited girl lived in a small village of Karnataka. She loved dancing, hanging out with friends, and exploring new things. Life was good until tragedy struck, and her father passed away, changing everything. With her mother burdened with responsibilities, Pragnya was forced to leave school and work in the fields to support her family. Her life continued like this for a year until the CRY project team learned about her situation.

The team invited Pragnya and her mother to awareness sessions and regularly visited her home, offered guidance, motivation, and counseling. They understood the importance of education and the dangers of child labour. Gradually, she started attending children’s collective meetings. With multiple conversations, the team convinced her and her mother to leave the work in the fields.

With the support of the CRY team, Pragnya had the chance to resume her studies. Additionally, the team helped Pragnya's mother secure an MNREGA job card, ensuring the family's financial stability without relying on Pragnya's labor in the fields.

Empowered, Pragnya actively engaged in special study sessions organized for adolescent girls in her village. She blossomed academically and became a regular attendee at school, witnessing her performance improve remarkably. Embracing her newfound confidence, Pragnya joined the local children's collective, where she inspired others to pursue education and their dreams.

She aspires to become an IAS officer and revolutionize rural girls' education. She envisions a future where basic infrastructure and reliable transportation are available, ensuring that every girl has the opportunity to learn and grow.

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