Health Awareness Brough Change To Khushboo’s Life

Published on April 4, 2023


Khushboo Kumari's story underscores the importance of timely interventions in healthcare and the effectiveness of them in eradicating child hunger and malnutrition.

Khusboo Kumari, who was only 9 months old, was severely malnourished and struggling to survive. Upon being informed of Khusboo's situation, the CRY partner immediately approached her parents, urging them to take her to Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC) to take immediate action to prevent further health problems. Khusboo Kumari's parents were hesitant to head to the NRC due to their lack of understanding and awareness. Khushboo's parents finally agreed to move her to the NRC after repeated encouragement and interventions from the team members. It is only through continuous education, awareness sessions, and knowledge building sessions from the CRY partners that Khusboo leads a healthy and happy childhood.

India has some of the highest rates of malnutrition especially among children and although the situation has improved through various programs in recent times, there is still a long way to go for children like Khusboo and her family.

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