On our way towards overcoming malnutrition

Published on May 3, 2023

Gajendra lives in Gorkha village with his father, a daily wage labourer, and four older siblings. His mother passed away 7 days after his birth. Because of this, he remained deprived of breastfeeding and became severely undernourished. When he was born, he was a healthy child of 3.1 kg, but his weight dropped to 2kg in a fortnight. He was observed as being severely malnourished.

The CRY team immediately took Gajendra to the Community Health Center for medical support. The team ensured that he was given proper nutrition and that his weight was constantly monitored. His family was counseled not only on supplementary nutrition but also on infant care. A reference was also made to the district hospital, ensuring that Gajendra received critical tertiary care.

Community Organizers from CRY made regular home visits to his family and explained the importance of immunization. The family was also advised about maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at home. All these efforts went a long way in improving Gajendra’s health. From being a severely malnourished infant, he attained normal weight by the time he was seven months old.

Gajendra and his siblings continue to be taken to the Community Health Centre for regular growth monitoring and health check-ups. The family is now aware of the various public health available. Two year old Gajendra is ready for a new adventure of schooling now.

CRY UK ensures that children in India receive proper nutrition and have a healthy childhood. We need your support to provide a happy and healthy childhood to children in India.