CRY UK Breaking The Cycle Of Child Labour

Published on April 24, 2023

Babar, a 13-year-old boy, lives with his family in a small village. His father was a daily wage labourer whose income was not enough to suffice the family's needs.

The situation at home forced Babar to take a very crucial decision. He dropped out of school and started earning to support his family. He was a very active member of CRY's children's collective in his village.

When he was absent from the collective for a very long time, it became a concern for the team. One of the members inquired about the matter and found out he had started working. The next day they met Babar and learnt that he was earning a living by working as an assistant to the tractor driver. He also shared that he wanted to study, but his family's economic condition compelled him to work.

The team immediately prepared a plan with all the stakeholders. The Head of the Gram Panchayat was involved in the plan. He agreed to fund Babar's studies and helped link his family with the social security scheme. The team went to his father and counselled him about the importance of education and the ill effects of child labour. He was assured of all the possible support Babar and his family would be provided. After much effort by the team, he got convinced to send him back to school. Today, Babar is in 6th standard and is regularly attending school.