Breaking Barriers: Krisha’s* Path from Labourer to Student

Published on September 13, 2023

Breaking Barriers: Krisha’s* Path from Labourer to Student

In a small village, Krisha*, a 14-year-old eighth-grade student, lived with her family. Their village was home to a close-knit tribal community, and her family's livelihood depended on her father's daily wage labour. However, as winter approached, work became scarce, and they struggled to afford two meals a day.

To help her family, Krisha was forced to work at a nearby brick kiln, sacrificing her education. Her absence from school was noticed during an adolescent group meeting, prompting project team members to visit her home.

After assessing their situation, the team, along with village officials, prepared an application. They requested ration support for her family, citing food scarcity as the reason for her interrupted education. The application was submitted through the CRY’s Kishori group.

The village head promptly responded to the request. Rations were provided to her family through the public distribution system, ensuring they had enough to eat. With the project team’s support, Krisha returned to school, and her family applied for an MNREGA job card to secure more stable employment.

Collective efforts made a difference in Krisha’s life, demonstrating the power of community support and practical solutions to challenges. We at CRY UK ensure to work towards the root cause of the problem to provide a sustainable solution for children, Many more children like Krisha get trapped in the vicious circle of child labour every day.

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