Breaking Barriers: Creating Opportunities for Underprivileged Children

Published on June 28, 2024

Every child deserves the chance to pursue their passions and dreams, free from the constraints of poverty and exploitation. Yet, over 33 million child labourers go to work instead of school (Source: Census and ILO data 2016). Limited access to education and economic opportunities often push them into the vicious cycle of child labor.

Child Rights and You UK (CRYUK) stands at the forefront of combating the systemic issues that force children into exploitative labour situations. Employing a holistic approach, CRY engages in grassroot initiatives and forms strategic alliances to empower families, champion education, and advocate for policy reforms that safeguard the rights of children.

At the heart of CRY UK’s mission is the aim to address the underlying causes that push children into labour, notably poverty. Through targeted interventions and partnerships, we work towards providing economic support and livelihood opportunities to impoverished families by connecting them to schemes like MNREGA that help them increase their household income and not have to force their children to support the family, thereby tackling the root cause of child labor head-on.

CRY UK projects conduct extensive awareness campaigns within communities, enlightening them about the adverse effects of child labour and the pivotal role education plays in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Moreover, CRY is committed to facilitating the reintegration of rescued child labourers into the formal education system. We actively support their enrollment and retention in schools, ensuring they receive quality education and access to opportunities for a brighter future.

In addition to our on-ground efforts, CRY UK collaborates closely with legal authorities and stakeholders to fortify the implementation of child labour laws. By advocating for stronger enforcement and accountability measures, we strive to create a comprehensive solution to this deeply entrenched societal issue.

Through our multifaceted approach, CRY UK endeavors to empower vulnerable children and their families, offering them hope, dignity, and the chance to realize their full potential.

Together, we can build a future where every child is free to learn, grow, and thrive.