Building Healthy Communities With CRY UK

Published on April 26, 2024

At CRY UK, we believe that good health is a right that every child deserves, and one of the goal areas we work on.

Today, while there is much to be optimistic about in the standard of health care and health parameters of children and mothers in India, there are also areas for improvement and work. The challenges to all children being able to access quality healthcare are in account of poverty, lack of awareness, social discrimination and geographical inaccessibility.

There is research to prove that when children are healthy, families do better, societies get stronger, and the whole country prospers. Investing in health today ensures a better tomorrow for generations to come.

Therefore, at CRY UK, we look at children's health and nutrition holistically and we use a multi-pronged approach to ensure children’s health is given the priority it needs.

Ensuring proper nutrition - the first step we take is to ensure children receive adequate nutrition and care through health camps addressing issues like malnutrition, children being underweight, and the anaemia resulting from limited food supply chains. We encourage kitchen gardens in a systemic way to ensure food security for children and the community.

Timely vaccinations – CRY UK projects maintain detailed monthly health records for every child and administers immunization shots to lactating mothers and children. We work with anganwadi workers and nurses to ensure that no child is left outside the vaccination net and provide support coverage during health melas and vaccination drives.

Psychosocial support - Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, CRY UK projects organize interactive sessions, counselling, and awareness programs with the families of children and also in the community.

CRY UK’s health programs ensure that every individual and community thrive with positive reinforcements. Here is a story about a child where CRY UK has made an impact:

In a small village, a young girl named Laya suffered a serious health challenge. Laya had a heart problem, and despite receiving monthly injections, her health continued to decline. Her family and community worried about her, hoping for a miracle.

As one of the CRY UK project team members got alerted about the situation, he along with the help of supportive community members, helped Laya’s parent understand the urgency of the surgery recommended which turned into a major success that also changed Laya’s life. Five months post-surgery, Laya is not only healthy but also thriving. Her recovery story is now an inspiration to others in her village.

Laya’s story show how strong communities can come together to overcome challenges and help one another lead healthier lives. Therefore, this World Health Day month reminds us that every individual has the right to prioritize their health. By advocating for health equality, supporting health programs, and assisting organizations like CRY UK, we can make the world a healthier, fairer place. Let us continue working to ensure every child has the opportunity to be healthy and happy. Through your contribution and support, individuals like you enable CRY UK to sustain our work, ensuring every child's right to quality healthcare and well-being.