Project AIM

Works to ensure that children across 17 villages in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh have access to education.

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About The Project

The literacy rate in Lakhimpur Kheri is as low as 60.56% as per Census 2011. The attendance rate is poor due to seasonal migration and the non-accessibility of schools. The schools are located far from the village and lack basic facilities like functional toilets, teaching-learning materials, proper ventilation, electricity etc



Project AIM is working to promote the importance of education amongst parents and communities and improve the quality of education through child-friendly teaching techniques and encouraging parental involvement in children’s schooling.

Our Work During COVID

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  • Providing online education support to children for 3 days a week with the support of volunteers.
  • Community awareness meetings on the importance of education.
  • Helping parents access online study materials developed by the State Education department through Whatsapp, thus supporting home based education.
  • Using IEC materials like charts, posters and short films as well as whatsapp to keep children and adolescent girls connected and informed about the importance of physical distancing, proper hand-washing methods, and use of masks.
  • Interactive sessions with adolescent girls groups on various issues related to education, health, menstrual hygiene, protection issues and child marriages.
  • Strengthening and developing kitchen gardens for nutrition support to children.
  • Developing strategies to restart the functioning of the child activity centres while adhering to all safety protocols.
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Project Impact 2022-23

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    children impacted
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    children enrolled in school
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    children aged 3 to 6 accessed Pre-School Education in ICDS Centres
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    children and adolescent groups active with 618 members

Aman’s Story

Aman Kumar, a 13 year old boy from a village in Uttar Pradesh, could have been just one of many drop out school children in the area; destined for a bleak future.

He was born differently abled and found it difficult to fit in at school due to his inability to express himself verbally. Aman had trouble keeping up with his peers, lost interest in studies and eventually dropped out of school. His parents did not think it important for him to continue his education either.

The CRY UK project team learned about Aman and immediately decided to intervene. They counselled his parents and managed to convince them to put Aman in the children’s collective run by AIM. He was also enrolled at the project learning center where he learnt sign language. Over time, he improved his communication skills and was motivated to go back to school, so AIM enrolled him in an upper primary school right away.

Today, Aman is learning and growing each day, with dreams for his future and the confidence to get there.

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