Transforming Lives Through Education with CRY UK

Published on January 16, 2024

One of Kashish’s favourite things is to sit by the window and watch the aeroplanes fly by. She loves the idea of visiting new places and meeting new people. She hopes to travel, make new friends and share her stories with them.

Kashish stays with her parents and siblings in Tigri. Her father is a daily wage earner and my mother works as a domestic helper in nearby houses. Her parents would often sit worriedly in the one-bedroom house, wondering if they would be able to afford the next meal of the day.

Kashish loves studying but there was a time where she would miss school having to care for her ailing grandmother. When she had the chance to resume school, she couldn’t cope up with the pace of the classes.

However, meeting the CRY team changed everything. When the team learned about Kashish’s situation, they planned on meeting her parents and spoke to them about the importance ofeducation and the need to continue Kashish's academics.

Initially, her parents were reluctant but after several home visits and counselling sessions with Kashish’s parents, they finally agreed and sent Kashish to the CRY learning centre. The team also got her enrolled at 2nd standard in the nearby Government school. The remedial classes helped her immensely resulting in her performing well in school. She still had to care for her grandmother and would often miss a few classes but it didn’t let her fall behind in school.

Life continued like that for some more years, and now she regularly goes to school and is investing wholeheartedly in her studies. “ I am one of the top scorers and you will find my name amongst the top ten rank holders in the class. I am in the seventh standard now and this year I came third in my class. Seeing me shine, my parents have also started taking a keen interest in not only mine but my siblings’ education as well. I have lots of dreams. I want to do something big and become someone of repute. And the best part is that my aspirations have also rubbed on to my siblings and some of my friends as well. We are all dreamers now.” – Kashish.

Let us together support more girls like Kashish to complete their education and give them ample opportunities to live the life they wish for.

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