This International Nurse Day, Let’s Pledge To Support Girls On Their Journey To Becoming Nurses

Published on May 12, 2023

International Nurse Day

On International Nurse Day, it is important to recognize the amazing work of nurses and those aspiring to enter the profession. Kavita, a 14 year old girl lived in a small village and dreamed of becoming a nurse. Her mother worked as a daily wage labourer and father migrated in search of work.

Kavita was on the threshold of dropping out of school completely, when she was identified by CRY, during a field visit. Field workers from the project counselled her family on the disadvantages of discontinuing her education and the ill effects being a child worker could have on her mental and physical health. After many such sessions, her parents finally agreed to not only regularly send her to school but also enrolled her in a coaching centre run by the project to support her studies.

Armed with psychological and academic support, Kavita took her board examinations with confidence. She managed to achieve the first division. Her ambitions of pursuing a career in nursing are now absolutely within her reach! Her proud parents were ecstatic with the results and reassured Kavita that they would support her plans to pursue higher studies.

Many children like Kavita dream of a happy future and your support to CRY UK will ensure that we keep supporting their dreams!

CRY UK ensures that children in India receive quality education and have a brighter future. We need your support to provide a happy and healthy childhood to children in India.

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