Manisha’s Journey from the Brink of Child Marriage to Educational Empowerment

Published on December 12, 2023

Manisha's Journey from the Brink of Child Marriage to Educational Empowerment

This is the story of Manisha*, a young girl who faced the daunting prospect of child marriage due to poverty.

Marrying off her daughters was the only concern of Manisha’s mother, as her family faced a tough reality after her father's death, leaving her mother as the sole breadwinner.

Luckily, the CRY UK project team caught wind of Manisha's situation. They saw a girl on the verge of an early marriage and decided to step in to change that narrative, alongside AIM Trust, to navigate the challenges.

The determined project team visited Manisha’s home multiple times, explaining the pitfalls of early marriages and the importance of education to her mother. It wasn't easy. Survival needs clashed with the dream of education, and societal norms complicated things further.

Through consistent efforts, the CRY UK project team changed the mother’s mindset and made her understand how education could be the ticket out of poverty for her daughters.

At a turning point, Manisha's mother decided to invest in her education, defying the pressure to marry off her daughters early.

Manisha, once on the brink of forced marriage, now attends CRY's learning centers. Her mom is committed to enrolling her in school, dreaming of Manisha graduating one day.

With effective mentoring and educational empowerment, we can open doors of education for Manisha and many others like her

*Name changed to protect the child's identity.