Kajal’s Journey: A Tale of Education, Determination, and Hope

Published on November 22, 2023

Kajal's Journey: A Tale of Education, Determination, and Hope

In a small village in Uttar Pradesh, lived Kajal and her family. Her father, toiled as a labourer, while her mother managed the household. Life for Kajal was no easy stroll. The family's life was completely dependent on her father’s labor in the brick kilns. Education was a distant dream for Kajal as their community was not in favor of girls continuing their studies beyond Class 8.

Kajal’s life took a turn when she joined the Bal Manch group, a children’s collective by AIM Trust under the CRY UK Project. The collective became a hope for Kajal, offering her access to educational resources and support. However, convincing her parents to let Kajal return to school proved to be the most challenging task.

The project team gently counselled her parents and managed to change their minds. Finally they allowed her to resume her education and also enrolled her younger brother in school. Today, both the children are regularly attending school and participating in Bal Manch activities.

Kajal and her family are on a journey, guided by the simple belief in the power of education. They are determined to break the chains of poverty and exploitation that have bound their community for too long. Donate to CRY UK today and help us transform more such lives.