Ilamathi’s Story: Overcoming Irregular Periods and Anaemia Through Menstrual Health Education!

Published on May 24, 2023

Menstrual Health Education

“The menstrual health and hygiene management workshop was an eye opener for me to understand my body and health conditions.” - Ilamathi.

Ilamathi, a 16-year girl, was born and raised in a marginalised household in a small village in Tenkasi district, Tamil Nadu. She and her brother are the first-generation school-goers in their house.

Ilamathi started menstruating at 10; however, her periods were always irregular. Concerned, she went to her mother to discuss this issue. But due to lack of knowledge, her mother responded that she had similar problems when she was a teenager, and it would get better after her marriage.

CRY organised a session on adolescent health and asked her mother to let Ilamathi participate in the session. A menstrual health and hygiene management session was conducted to help girls solve their doubts. Once Ilamathi shared her concern, she was asked to go for a test, where she was diagnosed with anaemia.

She and her mother were counselled about the reason for irregular periods. She was advised medication and asked to include iron-rich food and green vegetables in her diet.

After two years of regular medication and food habits, her Hb level increased to 12.5, and her period became regular.

To help create change, let’s take a pledge to move past period shame and all things associated with the taboo surrounding it.

At CRY UK, we dream of a day where lack of awareness of natural phenomena like periods does not hinder the lives of underprivileged girls. We need your help reaching out to more girls and ensuring healthier lives for underprivileged girls in India.