Help India’s Children Go Back To School

Published on December 5, 2022

Help India’s Children

The pandemic affected access to education for 286 million children in India. Over the last two years, children have faced learning loss, and many of them dropped out due to a lack of access to online education. Financial strain on the families has forced many to force their children into child labour and early marriage.

2022 was when schools opened up, and children started returning to school. But many have still not been able to.

Help Children Go Back To School

Children in India have faced one of the most extended school closures in the world. This has directly impacted their mental health and well-being.

As schools have finally reopened this year, it is crucial to bridge the learning gap and ensure that children stay in school and have an opportunity to grow into independent individuals instead of falling into the trap of child labour and child marriage.

At CRY UK, we are working towards ensuring that every child:

Your support can help children get back to school and follow their dreams.

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