Breaking the Chain: Understanding the Impact of Child Marriage on Young Lives

Published on March 7, 2024

Breaking the Chain: Understanding the Impact of Child Marriage on Young Lives

Did you know 1 out of every 3 child brides in the world live in India? (UNICEF 2014). Child marriageis a harsh reality that many children, especially young girls in India face. In our society, where traditions often overshadow rights, the practice of marrying off girls at a young age continues to prevail. But what exactly is the impact of child marriage on these young lives?

  1. Child marriage robs girls of their childhood, their right to education, and their chance to build a future of their own. Instead of attending school, these girls are burdened with responsibilities at a tender age, for which they are not physically or mentally prepared.
  2. Child marriage also exposes girls to various health risks. Imagine a young girl, barely a teenager, becoming a mother. Her body isn't ready for childbirth, leading to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. This not only threatens her life but also the life of her baby.
  3. Moreover, child marriage perpetuates a cycle of poverty. When girls are married off early, they are often forced to drop out of school, limiting their opportunities for employment and financial independence. They become dependent on their husbands and families, trapping them in a cycle of economic hardship.
  4. But it's not just the girls who suffer. Child marriage affects entire communities, hindering social and economic development. When girls are denied education and empowerment, the entire society loses out on their potential contributions.

So, what can we do to break the chains of child marriage? Education and awareness are the key. By educating girls and spreading awareness of its importance to families and communities about the harmful effects of child marriage and advocating for girls' rights, we can create a future where every child is free to dream and build a better tomorrow.

At CRY UK, we believe in building a secure and protective environment for children to safeguard their well-being and rights. We are working tirelessly to address the issue by connecting parents with MNREGA job opportunities, conducting online counsellingsessions with adolescent girls, and planning home visits to high-risk homes. CRY's on-ground teams have also been raising awareness of the negative effects of child marriage among different stakeholders, tracking potential cases of impending child marriages, and getting help from the police to stop them. Our continuous aim is to ensure girls can go to school and receive a quality education.

In conclusion, child marriage is a deeply entrenched issue that continues to rob young girls of their rights and opportunities. Let us together take action and work towards a society where every child can grow up safe, healthy, and empowered to fulfil their dreams.